Greenwood Forest Products is a family operated business, dedicated to quality production of wood products, utilizing cutting-edge technology, in an atmosphere of cooperation and fairness.

Greenwood Forest Products will actively pursue strategic opportunities to remain competitive in global markets at the same time adhering to the guidelines of ISO 9001 & 14001 to produce quality and environmentally friendly products to the specifications and satisfaction of our customers.

Greenwood Forest Products (GFP) began as a further manufacturing of lumber from its' sister company Yellow Lake Sawmills, focusing on offshore markets. In 1983, when the sawmill was shut down, GFP focused its' attention on producing and marketing lodgepole pine and western red cedar products into North America.

The primary products were tongue & groove wall paneling systems. Over the next 8 years, various equipment was installed to diversify the T&G product line. However, by 1990 domestic and foreign competition forced GFP to diversify its' product mix into edge glued boards.

Since 1983, GFP has focused its' attention on developing products that feature the beauty of Lodgepole Pine and its' unique tight grain and small knotted look. By the late 90's, the market trend towards whiter woods was complete.

GFP focus on the do-it-yourself marketplace with a well manufactured and presented product has been the cornerstone that has directed expansion and provided growth opportunities.


Corporate Milestones

  • September 20, Greenwood starts manufacturing tongue & groove thin wall paneling in Lodge Pole Pine, Knotty Cedar and Clear Cedar.
  • Major expansion to provide a prefinish and embossed lodge pole pine product in the T&G wall paneling. Sales up 48% to $5.6 million.
  • Markets in Japan and Australia open as pine mouldings, architraves, and furniture grade blanks added to product lines.
  • Major expansion adds end matching unit for pine and cedar paneling. Half wall covering system, Wainscot, added to product lines.
  • A complete edge gluing, sanding, and panel cut up line installed featuring 18, 19, 24mm furniture sheets.
  • Do-It-Yourself furniture grade cut ups introduced into the market mix.
  • Major modernizing costing $1.5 million of edge glue, kilns, and manufacturing facilities to keep Greenwood efficient and competitive.
  • Production lines modified to handle materials for RF.
  • Environmentally friendly grinders installed to utilize all wood waste.
  • New Wadkin moulder installed to increase capacity and product flexibility. Achieved ISO 9001 Certification in September.
  • Addition of new Anthon Calibrating Sander and began construction of the Silo Incinerator and Sander Baghouse System.
  • Installed a new Hopper Wood Grinder and Talbott Warm Air System and completed the construction of the Silo Incinerator and Sander Baghouse System and the installation of Chip Bins.
  • Purchase and installation of a new Mann Russell RF Continuous Glue Press and an Anthon CNC Panel Sizing System complete with a Robotic Stacking Unit and the construction of a Mezzanine Level.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification Achieved.
  • Kiln Capacity increased 25% with the installation of a Salton dehumidification kiln.
  • Installation of new Wadkin Lamella Moulder and new grading/sorting line supplied by System TM from Denmark.
  • Computerization and upgrade of all of the dehumidification kilns.
  • Purchase of a Great Lakes paneling shrink wrapper.
  • New three year labor Contract signed ending month long labor dispute.